What can BookClubFever do for you?

We provide a toolkit for setting up, engaging with, and managing book clubs across your organization.

Create Public Clubs

Ensure people feel free to engage and catch the fever! Allow anyone to discover and join any public book clubs within your organization. Build community and create a collective sense of learning.

Track Your Progress

Update your account with what page you are on to help ensure collective accountability to finish the book. See the average page progress of the entire group so that everyone strives to keep up and stay aligned.

Set Up Meetings

If your book club wants to meet in person (or online) you can set up a real live meeting in BookClubFever.

Create Private Clubs

Sometimes you want to get together with private clubs to study specific topics. BookClubFever also allows you to create clubs that are invite only.

Comment with Page Numbers

Avoid spoilers in the online forum by assigning page numbers to your comments or insights. This allows members to catch up if they are behind but still be a part of the discussion.

Track Participation

Track things like attendance at meetings,

Foster Communities of Learning with bookclubfever