read together. learn together. grow together.

Our story

What makes BookClubFever unique is our dedication to group learning and the fostering collective wisdom within communities

Reading groups and clubs have been around for a long time because people like them. They like the camaraderie. They like the regularity. They like the accountability. 

BookClubFever provides a safe place to share, be questioned and challenged, and learn from other perspectives.

Great books can be a catalyst for action!

It’s not enough to read books if we aren’t putting their ideas into practice. BookClubFever provides a platform for thinking about the implications of these books for our work, our communities, and our lives helps us translate great ideas into reality.

great organizations are always learning!

No one has all the answers. Reading together helps us stay humble, open-minded, and inquisitive. BookClubFever helps people connect with each other in ways they never would have on their own.